Increased demand causing issues for care homes

Upgrade essential care equipment with asset finance or boost your cashflow today.  

As normality returns to care homes now that all restrictions have been lifted, quality of care is being scrutinised more than ever.  

Demand for care homes is hitting unprecedented highs. Occupancy levels have reached 89.4% and recent studies have shown further growth is expected. The situation is considered desperate given the UK’s ageing population. 

According to property specialists, care home closures are rife. Issues of poor-quality care have also plagued the sector in recent years, which also faces a serious issue in the standard of existing care home stock. Staff shortages and outdated facilities are also playing a role in council homes as they don’t have the resources to cope, either with the rising demand or the increasing complexity of resident’s needs. Residents being pushed out of council homes yet again increases demand on private homes.  

Many of our customers are using finance to fund expansion, new equipment, or to supplement a funding shortfall with the aim of improving their standard of care and boosting their CQC rating. 

Finding the right finance solution can help you improve your equipment and with it your capabilities and standard of care. Internal infrastructure, retention of staff and a lack of vital equipment have the potential to hugely impact not only staff but a resident’s quality of life. Portman’s experts are well versed in tackling these issues and raising standards. 

If you are looking to upgrade your equipment, fit out a new premise, or employ more care staff to increase standards we offer a range of financial solutions to help. 

Portman can help you improve your equipment and with it your capabilities and standard of care. 

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