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Business loans for sole traders and partnerships

A business loan can be used for any legitimate purpose, from covering operational costs to refurbishment projects. Most of our customers also want to supplement their cashflow, covering gaps between incurring costs and getting paid or buying stock that helps them capture growth opportunities. Finance available from £10,000 over terms from 3m to 6 years.

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How do I get a business loan?

Whether you’re a finance pro or just want to get on with serving your customers, your dedicated account manager will guide you through the process, searching the market, structuring your proposal and completing applications on your behalf.


1. Register your interest

Simple enquiry form, does not affect your credit score.


2. A quick chat

A dedicated Account Manager will call to discuss your goals, your situation and request appropriate documents.


3. We approach our funders

We use our panel to find the best funding options, complete proposals and make applications.


4. If accepted, your funds are released

If the applications are successful and you accept, funds are quickly released.

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Can I use a business loan for anything?

Business loans can be used for any legitimate business purpose. Whereas asset finance could be best for equipment purchases, loans are suited to cashflow, covering the gaps in staged payments or operational costs, or instances where you have a number of things to pay for. Loans are often used to:

  • Boost cashflow 
  • Cover operating costs and expenses 
  • Cover staff wages 
  • Fill the gap between invoices and getting paid 
  • Supplement seasonal income 
  • Purchase materials, inventory or stock 
  • Ensure cashflow during a project with staged customer payments 

Business loans offer an alternative to unarranged overdrafts or credit cards. If these lines of credit are exhausted first, a company may not have funds for day-to-day expenses and contingency. 


What is a business loan?

Business loans are a way of getting a cash injection that you can then use for any business purpose. Borrowers repay in monthly instalments, paid back over an agreed period called the term. Business loans are a common way to help smooth out fluctuations in a company’s cash flow. They also help businesses invest and take opportunities where otherwise they could be missed due to a lack of working capital or reluctance to tie up large amounts of cash. 

Term loans are typically repaid over 2 to 6 years , short-term and flexible loans usually run from 3m up to 2 years.


When should small businesses get a loan?

There may be several key moments in the growth and progression of a business when a financial injection is needed. Businesses look to expand, leading them to look for larger premises or more expensive equipment. Seasonal businesses, such as pubs, or those undertaking long projects with staged payments sometimes like to smooth out their cash flow if costs are relatively static during the year. In addition, there are times that businesses, through no fault of their own, need a bit of financial support through a particularly tough trading period in their industry.

Each business is different but in general, consider a loan when you need to cover a temporary cashflow issue or need to unlock an opportunity that will allow further growth. 


Is my business eligible for a loan?

Eligibility for a business loan depends on your circumstances and those of your business. Many businesses will find that they are eligible for a loan but the available rates will vary depending on several factors, including your credit history and the business’s trading history. It is important to be as transparent as possible to gain a clearer and more accurate understanding of the type of loan that can be offered to you. At Portman, we approach our panel of funders to find the most appropriate lender for you.


Is a business loan for me?

Only you know when your business is ready for a financial injection, and we recommend seeking professional advice. A business loan can allow you to:

  • Get what you need instantly
  • Secure fixed monthly repayments, giving you financial security  
  • Cover immediate costs and make repayments whilst your business generates revenue and develops a stronger foundation
  • Build your business credit score for the future and strengthen your financial footing
  • Expand your existing premises and grow your business
  • Grab an opportunity that’s bigger than the potential repayments 
  • Attract the best talent 

Why fund my pub with Portman?

But why should you choose these financing options from Portman Financial Services?

The answer is simple. At Portman Financial Services we are focused on serving the needs of sole traders and small partnerships like your pub and have been doing so for thousands of other businesses since 2007.

This dedicated business is part of the Portman Finance Group which raising over £1 billion in funding for UK SMEs.

  • We take the time to truly understand your business and what you need, ensuring we secure the right funding for
  • As both a broker and a lender, we can offer financial options that others cannot.
  • We will do our best to help even if you don’t have a strong credit history.
  • We promise you will have one point of contact from start to end.
  • We provide solutions quickly, sometimes within hours.

We can offer assistance for most types of assets and purposes for your pub.

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Excellent service

A very straight forward, and super speedy, service. We were assigned to Andrew and he really could not have be more professional and helpful. He took time to understand what we were looking for and based on that came up with the best possible route. Highly recommend!!

Lottie Elmehagen
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Worked hard to find the right deal

Rob worked hard to find the right product for me and get everything in place. He gave some good advice with regards to the products on the market. Very happy with the service and the regular updates.

Tony Lewis
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Simple process with quick turnaround

Portman, and Jack in particular, were easy to deal with and helped with some medium term funding requirements. The whole process was fairly straightforward and needed little work on our part. Definitely recommend.

Mel Wright
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Excellent service from Portman

I have used Portman Asset Finance before and I was pleased with the service I received the first time. When I contact them this time I spoke to Daniel Cooper who was really helpful and kept to his word and promises. I can not fault the service I received and I would highly recommend them. Much better than HSBC who I bank with.

Ross Wilkins

Excellent / 500+ reviews

Business Loan FAQs

A cash injection for any legitimate business purpose

Do you offer small business loans?

Portman work with businesses of all sizes and can secure funding for both small businesses and new starts, as well as established larger firms. Portman typically sources funding from £10,000 and above, but is able to offer lower value funding in some circumstances

How do I get a business loan?

You can enquire online by using our eligibility checker enquiry form. Click ‘get started’ at the top of the page and complete your details on the enquiry form. Once you have submitted your details, one of our account managers will contact you to discuss your needs. We do need some business documentation from you but will complete proposals and applications on your behalf. 

What can business loans be used for?

Business loans can be used for any legitimate business purpose. Our customers use loans to fund premises, to buy stock, to market their business, to cover wages or operational costs or to buy any items they need for their business.

Are business loans hard to get?

The ability to get a loan and the best available rate depends on a combination of the current and historic trade of your business and, depending on the strength of your business, your own personal circumstances. It is typically easier for established businesses with a healthy balance sheet and P&L to obtain finance than for newer businesses or those who have had financial difficulties. However, as both a lender and a broker, Portman can match the requirements of our customers with the lender most likely to offer finance, giving you a greater chance of success.